Indianapolis White Collar Crimes

White-collar crime cases are not simple and often involve intensely complicated trails of business decisions, financial documents, and electronic records. Defending the rights of an individual accused of a white-collar crime requires the dedicated focus of a legal professional who can skillfully navigate staggering amounts of information. It also requires an attorney who knows how to build a strong case and has the experience necessary to aggressively defend his clients in court.

If you are under investigation, or if you have been already been charged with a white-collar offense, Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, Bryan L. Cook, is committed to getting positive results for people in your situation. Let Bryan Cook defend you with:

Credit Card Fraud Bank Fraud Mortgage Fraud
Health Care Fraud / Medicaid/Medicare Fraud Bank & Insurance Fraud Racketeering / Money Laundering
Embezzlement or Employee Theft Securities Fraud Structuring
Corrupt Business Influence Frozen/Seized or Forfeiture of Assets Frozen/Seized or Forfeiture of Assets


Protecting Those Charged With Lower Level Participation

The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizational Act sets out blanket rules for assigning blame to individuals charged in white-collar crimes that often make no sense and are unjust based on the facts of a particular case. Often the person who originally plans to commit a crime depends on lower level employees to put themselves on the line in order to carry out that plan. Without strong legal representation, a lower level participant can face the same type of prosecution and punishment as the person responsible for heading up the crime.

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer, Bryan L. Cook, understands that white-collar crimes often start out in response to overwhelming professional or personal financial difficulty. In the current economic climate, a white collar crime presents a very unwise and temporary escape from financial duress through fraudulent means. He knows that many people accused of white-collar offenses are often upstanding citizens in their community and are committed to their families and businesses.

Before you Talk to Law Enforcement, Talk to an Attorney

If you or someone you love has been accused of a white-collar crime, seek the services of a criminal defense attorney immediately before making a statement to law enforcement or discussing any of the details of your case with someone performing an investigation. Call Bryan Cook right now for a free and confidential consultation.

You want protection. Don’t Go It Alone!

Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Bryan Cook, has the knowledge and experience to handle your case and help you navigate the complexity of the Indianapolis criminal justice system. Don’t put your future at risk by trying to represent yourself in court.

Bryan Cook represents clients facing these types of white-collar offenses:

• Credit Card Fraud • Health Care Fraud • Embezzlement or Employee Theft • Bank Fraud • Insurance Fraud • Securities Fraud • Mortgage Fraud • Racketeering • Structuring • Money Laundering • Medicaid/Medicare Fraud • Corrupt Business Influence • Frozen/Seized or Forfeiture of Assets

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